Limit Break Comics

An Irish Comic Collective

Plexus #2

Plexus is a sci-fi anthology series, with stories written by Paul Carroll.

Issue #2 takes a focus on the interconnectedness of chaos, and the monsters we face in our lives, across three short stories.

Ghost follows a spectral haunting like nothing you’ve ever seen, with art by Leeann Hamilton. Drawing inspiration from the horror genre and the 00s obsession with haunted house movies, the story examines the damage of grief and the things we can’t let go of.

Run mixes adventure comic with a sci-fi apocalypse scenario, with art by Barry O’Sullivan, and colours and letters by Paul Carroll. With the world quite literally disappearing, a scientist seeks a means to return to his lab, fearing his work may be the cause of all of the suffering.

Oneira blends horror aesthetics with a mind-altering cataclysm, leaving one man lost and alone in a world twisted by foreign visions, with art by Donna A Black, and letters by Paul Carroll.

Launching at Dublin Comic Con, Spring 2022.

Creative Team

Written by Paul Carroll
Art by Leeann Hamilton, Barry O’Sullivan, Donna A Black
Additional Colours by Paul Carroll
Letters by Paul Carroll
Cover by Paul Carroll