Limit Break Comics

An Irish Comic Collective


Paul Carroll

Paul is a writer, editor, colourist and letterer. He runs some of the operations for Limit Break, while writing across several genres. He is best known for Turning Roads and Down Below, and writes Meouch and Plexus.

Gary Moloney

Gary is a writer and the resident law-talking-guy of Limit Break. He writes across multiple genres, as well as contributing to a number of online comics journalism websites and publications. His latest projects include Down Below and Lens.

James Killian

James Killian is an artist from Westmeath, Ireland. His art can be found in anthologies such as Turning Roads, Down Below and Fractured Realms.

Alice Coleman

Alice Coleman is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cork, with a speciality in book cover design and typesetting.

Gareth Luby

Gareth is the resident artist of Limit Break, responsible for our logo and branding alongside his comic and illustration work. His previous work includes two sets of Marvel sketch cards, along with Meouch.

Seamus Kavanagh

Seamus is a Dublin based Writer who grew up in a place where a Sega Mega Drive was called a Sega Genesis. He loves to hear, listen to and read stories and now writes his own as comic books. He joined Limit Break officially in 2022.

Mari Rolin

Mari Rolin is a Brazilian comic book artist residing in Kerry, Ireland. When she’s not drawing or painting, she can be found reading, writing, teaching or playing with her cats.

Colin O’Mahoney

Colin O’Mahoney (he/him) is a writer and editor who has had comic and prose work published in Ireland, England, America, South America, and the internet.

The extended Limit Break Comics family at Dublin Comic Con in August 2022 (L-R: Seamus Kavanagh, Paul Carroll, Alice Coleman, Gareth Luby, James Killian, Gary Moloney)