Small Press Day at Forbidden Planet!

Four years ago, Limit Break Comics made its debut at Small Press Day. And now, at the tail end of a pandemic, we’re coming back.

One week after Dublin Comic Con, Paul Carroll will be representing Limit Break Comics at Forbidden Planet’s in-store event for Small Press Day. The group of five creators, including Leeann Hamilton (Turning Roads, Plexus #2), Clare Foley (Turning Roads, Life & Death), Hugh Madden (Turning Roads) and Barry O’Sullivan (Plexus #2) will be present from 1-4pm on Saturday August 13th.

The afternoon will represent the return to in-store creator events for Forbidden Planet, and the first Small Press Day to happen in-person since 2019.

Each creator will have a range of 3-4 titles with them, to highlight some of the diversity of work available from Irish comic creators.