Meouch – Killer Cat Action Comedy

Created by Gareth Luby (artist) and Paul Carroll (writer), Meouch follows the exploits of Frankie – the world’s most dangerous assassin. Also a cat. Featuring cartoon violence and cat puns. Issue #1 launched in 2019.


Turning Roads – Irish Folklore Stories

Edited by Paul Carroll

Cover by Declan Shalvey

Creator list (alphabetical by surname):

Ned Barnett, Fawn Blackwood, Hugo Boylan, David Browne, Jason Browne, Brian Burke, Paul Carroll, David B Cooper, Colin Craker, Richard Davidson, Josh Davison, Dominique Duong, Triona Farrell, David Ferguson, Aaron Fever, Clare Foley, Colm Griffin, Leeann Hamilton, Reese Hannigan, Dave Hendrick, Ember Johnstone, Mark Kielty, James Killian, Alice Leclert, Hugh Madden, Pete Marry, Aisling McGee, Gus Mendes, Gary Moloney, Emmet O’Brien, Colin O’Mahoney, Mari Rolin, Kerrie Smith, Josh Southall, Kato Thaggard, Steven Young.

Plexus #1 – A Sci-Fi Anthology About Human Connections

Written by Paul Carroll

Art by Rebecca Reynolds, Colm Griffin, Steve Mardo

Colours by Rebecca Reynolds, Paul Carroll

Letters by Rebecca Reynolds, Paul Carroll

Cover by Paul Carroll

Mixtape – Six Stories, Six Genres

Written by Gary Moloney

Art by Hendry Prasetya, Mary Anne Mackey, Clare Foley, Katie Fleming, Andrew Taylor, Lauren Tracey, Daniel Romero

Colour by Chris O’Halloran, Ellie Wright, Joseph Griffin

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhauo, Julie Gravelle

Cover by Gareth Luby (line art) and Paul Carroll (colours)

Life & Death – Supernatural Stories

Written by Paul Carroll

Art by Gareth Luby, Clare Foley, Katie Fleming, Paul Carroll

Colours and Letters by Paul Carroll

Covers by Gareth Luby

Lens – Serialised Spy Thriller

Written by Gary Moloney

Art by Raquel Kusiak

Edited by Claire Napier

Serialised in Bun&Tea, published by Bleating Heart Press