Limit Break Comics

An Irish Comic Collective


Limit Break Anthologies

Some big, some small, all containing stories by multiple creators.

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Created by Gareth Luby (artist) and Paul Carroll (writer), Meouch follows the exploits of Frankie – the world’s most dangerous assassin. Who just so happens to be a cat.

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Gary’s Books

Gary Moloney specialises in crime, but took his first steps into comics by experimenting with multiple genres in one collection.

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Seamus’s Books

Seamus Kavanagh is a video game enthusiast who lets the draw to adventure inspire his comics.

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Plexus is a sci-fi anthology series created by Paul Carroll, drawing upon sci-fi tropes and genre markers to tell stories of the people caught in the middle of them.

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Paul Carroll is a horror enthusiast and began Limit Break’s journey into darkness in 2018.

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Young Adult

There are stories for everyone here at Limit Break Comics, and the catalogue is only going to grow.

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