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Fractured Realms: A Norse Horror Anthology – Coming 2023

Good things come in threes… after the success of Turning Roads and Down Below, we’re delighted to open up pitches for our third myth anthology. Fractured Realms is an anthology of Horror comics inspired by Norse mythology. The book will be co-edited by Paul Carroll and Gary Moloney, with a cover by Nick Roche and JP Jordan.

With thanks to the Arts Council’s Literature Project Award 2023, we are delighted to guarantee the publication of the book and a minimum payment to its contributors in excess of our previous anthologies.


Fractured Realms will feature 24 four-page comics. Your pitch should incorporate an element of Norse mythology – a god, a monster, a story – with a horror twist. We’re especially looking for stories in a modern setting. Stories can include elements of science fiction and fantasy, but must be horror first.

Every story should consist of four pages, with page 1 beginning on the right hand side of the book, in full-colour. Note that full-colour does not necessarily mean technicolour, and the Editors are happy to talk to people about the colour design of their comics to engage with the horror element of the book.

When preparing your pitch, consider:

  • What sort of terror can you inject into a Norse tale?
  • How recognisable is the story to the public?
  • Is your story unique enough when compared to existing materials?
  • How can you put a twist on a familiar tale?

Please note that we are not looking for:

  • A rehashing of ideas from The Wicked and the Divine (we love it, we just don’t need a re-telling of it!)
  • Stories that closely resemble those from Marvel Comics or the God of War franchise
  • Illustrated prose or poetry
  • Illustrations that are not comics

As with Turning Roads and Down Below, we are unlikely to accept multiple pitches examining the same aspect of Norse Mythology. Creative teams are permitted to submit more than one pitch.

Please note that we are only accepting pitches from complete teams (or solo creators). Writers and artists may only be included in the book once.


Pitches are open as of November 30, 2022. The deadline for pitches is January 29, 2023. More details on pitching and the link to the form are below. Please note that the form will close at 11:59pm (GMT) on January 29.

On February 26, applicants will be advised whether they have been accepted into the anthology. If you pitch more than one story, you will be advised specifically which one has been chosen.

On March 01 through to March 31, the book will be funding on Kickstarter.*

The deadline for final pages is June 18 with Kickstarter fulfilment planned for August.*


Limit Break Comics has been building its brand in Irish comics since July 2018, with the publication of eleven books, including short story collections, an on-going series and a one-shot story. 2021 saw the publication of Turning Roads, which received backing on Kickstarter from over 500 people. This was succeeded by Down Below, with over 880 backers on Kickstarter.

Fractured Realms seeks to build on the momentum of the project, to further showcase Irish and international talent. The project timeline allows for the book to appear at Dublin Comic Con, Octocon and Thought Bubble in the second half of 2023.

As well as offering a platform to lots of lovely comic readers, we want to pay contributors!

Payment of €65 per page will be made to each creative team in the book, made via PayPal. Teams are responsible for deciding how they split the payment. It is the intention of Limit Break Comics to increase this page rate through a pre-order Kickstarter campaign. Further details will be discussed with teams if they are successful.

Contributors maintain copyright over their work; Limit Break Comics is granted first publication rights for one calendar year


Pitches should be made through this form. You may submit more than one pitch. We are seeking pitches from complete teams for this project, which includes creators who can complete all of the work solo.

When pitching, you do not need to submit sample art or a script related to the story. Please provide:

  • Portfolio links for each creator in the project
  • A working title
  • A logline for the story
  • A brief summary of the story
  • The myth your story is based upon


We’ve built up a community on the platform, and we want to build upon that to increase the page rate we offer to our contributors.


Paul Carroll is the editor of Turning Roads and co-editor of Down Below, as well as the writer behind Plexus and Meouch. In 2021, Paul co-founded When not working in comics, Paul writes prose and publishes short story anthologies through Cupán Fae, and is Chair of Octocon in 2023.

Gary Moloney is Limit Break Comics’ resident law-talking guy, both as a profession and as a genre-expert. He is the writer of Lens, along with a number of crime stories, following his debut collection Mixtape, and co-editor of Down Below.


Any queries should be sent to limitbreakireland (at) gmail (dot) com.

*These dates subject to change, but contributors will be notified in advance.

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