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Since our founding in July 2018, we’ve had a busy time pulling together new projects and publishing new books. Today, we’d like to quickly summarise the last year and a half at Limit Break Comics.

We started with two titles: Mixtape and Life & Death, both published in July 2018, and followed up with our first full-length book, Meouch, in March 2019.

Since then, Limit Break has been behind the publication of Plexus #1, which successfully Kickstarted in July 2019. Assembled by Paul Carroll, Plexus is an on-going sci-fi anthology series that takes a focus on personal connections within the realms of science fiction universe.

Meanwhile, Gary Moloney is working with Bun&Tea on the serialised publication of his next book: Lens, a spy thriller exploring the concept of What if Lois Lane was John Wick? The first part will be released in November 2019.

Gareth Luby and Paul Carroll are aiming to release Meouch Volume 1 in 2020, along with more comics and stories from all three of us here are LB.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Paul has also been busy assembling a set of creative resources, launching the first of many at DCAF and Octocon in October: Pocket Prompts.

LB at DCC Summer 2019

We’re winding down the year with DCAF on December 14th in Dublin, after two Dublin Comic Con events, several smaller shows around the country, DCAF on a number of occasions, Octocon, and Dublin2019: An Irish WorldCon.

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