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Mr & Mrs Van Helsing to launch on Small Press Day

Two years ago, played host to Mr & Mrs Van Helsing, a graphic novel by Aaron Fever and Hugh Madden about the titular characters: Bela and Erzabet Van Helsing (and their goat.) Owing to the success of the story on the platform, and the contributions of Fever and Madden to Limit Break Comics’ anthologies since 2021, we’re delighted to be publishing the collected story in print for the first time.

Mr & Mrs Van Helsing is due to launch at Forbidden Planet Dublin’s Small Press Day event, on August 5th. The book is an all-ages action-adventure-horror, following Mr Bela and Mrs Erzabet Van Helsing on their journey across a fantastical land, seeking work as monster hunters! Their adventure leads them to the gruesome massacre of some locals, and a dreadful beast roaming the lands of a suspicious nobleman.

Cover for Mr & Mrs Van Helsing, featuring the couple in their green car. Bela (Mr Van Helsing) is looking suave and adventurous. Erzabet (Mrs Van Helsing) is driver. Their goat looks pleased to be along for the ride.
Cover art by Katie Fleming

Printed in A4 to emulate the European comics that Hugh is so fond of, Mr & Mrs Van Helsing is a fun and engaging story, perfect for fans of Meouch who want to try something new.

Meet the creators

Aaron Fever is the writer of webcomics SHIP WRECKED and MR & MRS VAN HELSING, the writer of the all-ages ARTOS series from Buttonpress, and has written the one-shots FROZEN WASTE and SWIFT.

Hugh Madden is based in Dublin and works mainly in comics, street art and illustration. He’s heavily inspired by Irish history, myth and folklore, and the stories of the people around him.

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