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Comic Book Advent Calendar

Every month, we give you an insight into what we’re reading in the great big world of comics. In our November issue of the LB Bulletin, Seamus Kavanagh gave us something special – a look at his annual comic reading plans for December!

For the past couple of years, I’ve applied the Advent Calendar formula to my unread comic book pile, and it’s produced some good results. Busy lives can see even a series we’re enjoying stack up month after month but taking 24x comics and committing yourself to 5 minutes a day is more manageable than you would think, even in the busiest month of the year.

2021 Advent Calendar

Last year I got started with #1 and #2 of Briar and also managed all seven issues of Do a PowerbombDo a Powerbomb was something I particularly enjoyed, and I began to look forward to new issues each day. In 2021, I got through each of the 5 issues in The Me You Love in the Dark and I’d usually catch up on some Amazing Spider-Man issues every year also.

How does the Advent Calendar work?

There aren’t any rules as such. For me, I’ll pick 24 comics in advance and put them in a preferred reading order. It’s my preference to read physical issues for this task, harkening back to days when I’d read piles of comics as a kid. It is worth giving some thought to the comics though as I have had some occasions over the years where chosen series became a bit of a slough.

For next month, I have Arcade Kings and Dead Romans lined up. I started both but not past #1 or #2 so I’ll read all 5 and 6 issues respectively, along with Gargoyles: Dark Ages, which I haven’t started yet. Some Spider-Man and other Marvel titles like GODS and What If(s) will feature as well. I also have a kickstarted When Language Fails among the titles so all the better to have Irish Comics represented also (“,)

2022 Advent Calendar

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