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Dublin Comic Con – Spring 2024

Next weekend – March 9th and 10th – we’ll be at Dublin Comic Con. Paul was able to land a table in the Artist Alley, to bring along the full range of Limit Break titles alongside his own novels and an extended range of prints.

Find us at Dublin Comic Con

Dublin Comic Con floorplan showing Limit Break's table location at AA37, and a range of book covers

What’s on sale at Dublin Comic Con?

With the recent release of Fractured Realms, we’re loading up on books for Dublin Comic Con to show off the widest range of comic creators we can. The table will showcase:

The Limit Break Anthologies

We’ll have the first three anthologies on sale – Turning Roads, Down Below, and Fractured Realms. You can pick these up in a special convention deal that comes with a pin, all at a reduced price. And if you fancy just chatting to us about Wish Upon a Star, fire away!


While issue three is in production, there’s always time to catch up on the first couple of issues of Meouch! Frankie is either the deadliest cute cat in the world, or the cutest deadly cat in the world. We can’t figure it out. What do you think?


Whether you like espionage thrillers or action adventure stories, we’ve got a book for you. Lens by Gary Moloney and Raquel Kusiak and Mr & Mrs Van Helsing by Aaron Fever and Hugh Madden pack their full stories into neat little packages.

Short Story Collections

We made our start with short stories, and they’re here to stay! For a taste of sci-fi, try Plexus. Fancy some supernatural horror? Life & Death is waiting for you. If you fancy a look at stories inspired by video games, Old Game Plus is booted up. Or maybe you fancy a mix of genres, in which case Gary Moloney’s LB debut Mixtape and our writing trio’s collection Limit Break Presents #1 are perfect for you to dip your toe in to the LB pool.

Prose Fiction

For those who don’t know, Paul is also a novelist and short story writer. Included on our table will be his Black Pages novels and his collection of short stories Tales of the Fantastical.


For the first time since 2019, Paul has a new range of prints to add to the display. His one guiding rule when designing them is that he has to like the character – somehow that meant putting off working on many of his favourites. The new collection also includes one of his newest obsessions. Spot the devil in the room.


Our pin range is constantly growing. Added to our previous designs is a pride alternate of of the Plexus Heart. We also have some limited stock of Frankie pins to tie in with Meouch. Grab ’em while they last!

Panels at Dublin Comic Con

While Paul is behind the table, the Limit Break team will be panelling away in the Geek Ireland Room!

  • On Saturday, March 9th at 1pm, Seamus Kavanagh is moderating a panel exploring the topic of moving from small press to working with a publisher. The panellists include Ellie Wright, Alice Coleman, and Gary Moloney.

Ellie Wright is a Ringo Award Winning Colourist. Ellie has worked for numerous global publishing companies including Archie Comics, Dark Horse, Dynamite Entertainment, Image, Top Cow, 3W3M, IDW, Mad Cave, Oni Press and many more. Some of Ellie’s titles include The Black Ghost (a New York Times recommended read); Disney Villians: Cruella, Transformers: Beast Wars; Survival Street, Voyagis, Elvira; Betty Page; Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing Man; Batman: The Shadow; James Bond: Goldfinger; Welcome to Riverdale; The Jaguar; The Darkling and many more.

Alice Claire Coleman (@OneCuriousChip) is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cork, with a speciality in book cover design and typesetting. Clients include Watkins, Angry Robot, Nourish, Datura Books, various independent publishers, and more.

  • On Sunday, March 10th at 2pm, Gary is joining the Eclectic Micks: The Irish Creators panel at the invite of Declan Shalvey. Declan is moderating, with Stephen Mooney, Chris O’Halloran, Ellie Wright and Danny Earls also on the panel.

The Octocon team – the convention that Paul is co-Chairing this year – will also be at the convention, and will have their own panel in the Geek Ireland Room.

  • On Sunday, March 10th at 4pm, catch the Octocon team (led by Kat Dodd) will be discussing Disability Rep in Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Add the panels to your plans for the weekend, and be sure to swing by both tables in the Artist Alley if you’re at the convention.

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